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Vivia Morgan

For New York City Council

To serve members of the 40th City Council District.

Imagine an America where every person – regardless of origin or circumstance, race, religion, gender, or orientation can come together on common ground.

Vivia’s mission is to serve members of the 40th City Council District, consisting of portions of Crown Heights, Flatbush, East Flatbush, Midwood, Prospect Park, Prospect Lefferts Gardens and Kensington.


1. Gun and Gang Violence - Criminal Justice Reform

Our Motto is Jobs not Jail. New York’s Criminal Justice System has been found to be racist from the police arrest to incarceration, bail, the right to an attorney, and reentry for those already incarcerated. We plan to address the crisis in two areas: upon arrest and conviction. Alternatives to incarceration that accesses first time offenders for drug addictions, and employment training. The Prison Industrial Complex the government is seeking to contain this crisis by building smaller prisons as a way for reform. We need to address the epidemic distribution of illegal drugs in poor communities as a way of undermining the capacity of jobless workers to become politically active.


2. Community Safety - Police Relations

Community safety is about helping communities to be and feel safe. It is important that you feel safe where you live, work or spend your leisure time. We are deeply disturbed by the recent increased racial attacks in the City. We launched several highly successful ‘Stop Gun and Gang Rally’s to educate our community about things they can do. We increased communication and dialogue between the Police and community. Moreover, as the Police Department’s Community Affairs officer I scheduled policemen to go and speak to local schools and students. As a responsible government servant we have to improve our police and surveillance relationship, quality of life, public service, family values, individual empowerment and public safety these are among some of the important issues I will support. As a member of City Council member rent control, housing, education, human relations.

3. Education Reform - Youth Empowerment

 For New York City to succeed in elevating far more New Yorkers from lower-income backgrounds into the middle class, the city will need to make significantly more progress in expanding access to technology careers. We plan several HI TECH APPRENTICESHIP PROGRAMS WITH HANDS ON TRAINING Jobs in technology have been among the fastest-growing occupations in New York, and the tech sector has become the city’s most reliable source of new well-paying jobs. But even as demand for tech talent grows, too few of those good jobs are going to New Yorker’s from low-income communities. This is no small problem for New York. The troubling opportunity gap that exists in the city’s tech workforce is exacerbating inequalities across the five boroughs. It also threatens the economic competitiveness of the city’s tech sector, which is already experiencing a talent shortage and will need to tap more of the local workforce to sustain its growth.

4. Eradicate Homelessness - Affordable Housing

The people of Brooklyn and New York City are facing a homelessness crisis. The only solution is to build affordable housing i.e. housing for people making $15,000 – $20,000 affordability crisis. By encouraging the expansion of the housing supply, including affordable housing, we will create options to keep young workers, seniors, and lifelong residents alike as a part of this community. As the homelessness crisis continues, I will also lead the efforts to bring a strategy that takes a more comprehensive approach to this issue. In partnership with the County and neighboring cities, we will coordinate to connect the homeless with services appropriate for their various needs, from emergency shelter to mental health services and job training.

5. Elder Care

Elder abuse is “a single, or repeated act, or lack of appropriate action, occurring within any relationship where there is an expectation of trust, which causes harm or distress to an older person.” This definition has been adopted by the World Health Organization  Most of our elderly depends on their children, family members to assistance in their later years to carry out the basic tasks such as medical visits, paying bills, banking and meal preparations. We propose an innovative project designed to target senior abuse by family members. Mediator to vent guardianship applicant for evaluation. Seniors from the age of 67 will be assigned a worker to help with family members who wish to be a guardian of a family member to educate and counsel family members their duties to protect seniors from family abuse.

6. Green Spaces

Open green spaces provides recreational areas, a claiming space from the daily routine, encourage exercise and enhance the beauty and environmental quality of neighborhoods.

New York City has more than 1,700 parks, playgrounds, and recreation facilities across the five boroughs which includes swimming pools, skating rinks and wetlands. Open green space provides community residents with the opportunity to experience and enjoy nature, neighbors coming together to start a community garden encourages interaction and bipartisanship with neighbors. We must continue funding equality to protect and preserve small neighborhood park and green spaces.

7. Small Business and Investment Opportunities

The impact on Small Business during coronavirus pandemic has left a major economical strain on small mom and pop shops.  As a result of mandatory shutdowns and social distancing many small businesses shut their doors, leaving millions of people jobless. Now is the time to plan for rebuilding small businesses with non interest loans and provide access to (SBS) Small Business Services.

About Your Candidate

Vivia Morgan is known for her hard work, dedication, and commitment to supporting her community. She serves as the community service chair for the 43rd Assembly Kings County Committee, Chair for Community Board 9 Parks, Recreation and Culture and serves as an Executive Member on the Board – Member At Large.


Vivia is the proud owner of C Morgan Construction Inc. a MWBE Company, Shop Steward for local 79 Laborers union, licensed Real Estate Salesperson, Registered Building Department Filing Representative – Expeditor, and a Notary Public.


Vivia, along with her son, founded the nonprofit organization Friends of Wingate Park. The goal is to serve the community’s educational, social, and cultural needs and ensure the empowerment of our youth. The organization addresses critical issues such as Gun and Gang Violence, Domestic Violence, Housing, Mentoring, and Jobs. They helped secure funding for the renovating of Wingate Parks Playgrounds, the fitness area, and the Basketball Courts.


In 1998 she had the opportunity to work closely with Mr. James Jim Haughton, a civil rights and community activist who formed organizations such as the Harlem Unemployment Center, the organization, renamed Fight Back in 1969, and Equal Employment Council. He sparked an interest in her to advocate for…

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