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Real Estate

General Construction

C Morgan Construction, Inc. is a multi-facetted Service and Referral Company that provides access to a marketplace for licensed and registered construction professionals to list their goods and services for the purpose of expanding their network and client base.

Our company serves the Tri-State area providing verifiable contacts and industry wide solutions for builders and developers. Whether novice or seasoned professional, a single family home or a commercial high-rise, C Morgan Construction, Inc. is a valuable resource.

Join our team today and benefit at every level of the building process:

Construction Referral Service: Every phase in real estate from: property acquisition to development to management and sale.

Property Acquisition: Connect your business with or join the list of professionals that facilitate negotiations between sellers and buyers, assist with development of financial profiles and represent buyers, investors, guarantors and sellers in the transfer of titles.

Property Management:  Connect your business with or join the list of administrative management professionals. Property Management of residential and/or commercial properties including scheduling of weekly, monthly and annual payments, coordination of refuse disposal, maintenance and repair. Facilitating and monitoring compliance with state and local ordinances, working with state and/or local authorities for compliance inspections, the implementation of compliance and the removal of violations to ensure a safe environment for the building occupants.


Referral Service: 

Connect your business with or join the list of:

Architectural Design Professionals

Interior Design Professionals

Landscape Design Professionals




Hardwood/Tile/Carpet Floor   Installation/Refinishing

HVAC Maintenance/Installation Professionals

Asbestos and Lead Removal Companies

Real Estate: Advertise property listings


Connect your business with or join the list of companies that are committed to helping you make informed decisions on selling or renting your:

–          Residential, Commercial or Manufacturing Property for sale

–          List an apartment or room for long-term or short-term rent

Filing Representative/Expeditor:

C Morgan Construction, Inc. will also provide you or your business with a Filing Representative/Expeditor. A Filing Representative/Expeditor is someone who facilitates coordination with the project design team and the state or local agencies that grant the construction permits.

We can help you navigate The New York City Department of Buildings (DOB), Department of Transportation, Landmarks Preservation Commission, Department of Finance, Department of Environmental Protection, the Water Board and many other state and municipal agencies to facilitate your obtaining the necessary construction permits and sign-offs needed to initiate and complete your project.

Are you a property owner, developer or contractor looking to obtain construction permits?

Let us navigate the process for you.

We can also refer licensed and bonded:



Interior Designers

Lighting Designers

General Contractors


Fire Suppression System Installers


HVACR contractors

Construction Superintendents

Site Safety Coordinators

Site Safety Managers

Special Inspection Agencies

Energy Code Inspectors and Consultants




Mobile Notary:


C Morgan Construction, Inc. will also provide you or your business with a mobile notary. A Mobile Notary is a notary public that travels to various locations to perform notarial acts. The fees charged related to travel expenses including but not limited to gas, parking, time etc. We will travel to your work, hospitals, nursing home, and any place convenient for you.

*The notarization date must be the same date the signer appears before the notary and must be reflected on the document.

* All Document must be signed in person in front of the notary

Service Area: Brooklyn and Manhattan